Episode 31: You Brew You and Rock the Vote!

Thank God this is a podcast and not a videocast - Kari was touching up her roots while she recorded this. We want to encourage all our listeners to head out today and vote! This episode comes with an ask, a challenge and a song. THE ASK: Please exercise your VOTE today. 

THE CHALLENGE: between now and Christmas, let’s start a wave of encouragement. Send three encouraging texts, per day, to those who are in your contact list. We are talking six minutes - and like Kari says, “If you don’t have six minutes to send out some positivity in your world, you are too busy sister!” THE SONG: Finally, Kari wanted us to encourage you to listen to Nicole Nordiman’s Sound of Surviving which has been such an anthem for her during a difficult year

The story behind the Sound of Surviving Every Moment Holy by Douglas McKelvey (the liturgy shared in this episode)

P.S. How many times does Kari say “encouragement” in this episode? #SOmanytimes