Episode 10: Camp Pro Tips with Kim and Kari

Kim and Kari sit down to talk all things Summer Camp. Your YBY hosts love camp and are giving out some tips as you prep for sleep-away camp, especially for younger kiddos. Everything from packing to the importance of rest time to how to talk to your kids about their experience after camp. Kari shares her recipe for perfect sun tea and how to make bandana necklaces. Settle in for some some tips from the pros!

Harney & Sons Paris Tea 
Glow Sticks 
Healthy Snacks 
Dark Chocolate 
No Man’s Land Beef Jerky (Hot) 
Slap Bracelets 
Temporary Tattoos 
Hair Ties 
Battery Operated Fans (not mentioned in episode, but a good idea for comfort)

Be sure to check with your particular camp about how to get email, letters, and care packages to your child.

Contact Kim and Kari to find out how to send them a care package during the week of June 10-16! Email youbrewyou@gmail.com.