Episode 15: Don't Second Guess - Get Moving! with Jennifer Herrington

Kari got to meet Jennifer in real life for the first time for our episode this week, even though they have known each other for a while! Parson is Jennifer’s second child, younger sister to Darby. When she was born, she needed to be put on oxygen because her levels were low, and ended up getting put into the NICU. Within a couple of months, she was showing signs of health difficulties, especially with breathing. Time at Texas Children’s Hospital revealed that Parson has periventricular nodular heterotopia. That is when her lung transplant story began, and Jennifer feels responsible for telling her story until she’s able. At the time of this episode, Parson was just about to celebrate her 6th birthday. Before knowing each other personally, a friend of a friend, Kari, sent a prayer for Parson during her transplant surgery. It now hangs on the wall of Parson’s room. They discuss how to register to be an organ donor - one person can save up to eight lives. Darby is an amazing big sister, and knows even at a young age, how to love her sister well.

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