Episode 25: We found a lost episode!

We found a lost episode! Somewhere in the hub-bub of finishing up summer camp and heading out on vacation, it totally slipped Kari’s mind that she had this interview “in the can” (as we say in the biz.) A HUGE thank you to Sweet Linda Porter (mother of today’s You Brew You guest) for asking when it was going to air! And so it is with great pride and deepest pleasure that we’d like to introduce you to our guest, Jenna Barbee. When we spoke in June, on a bench beside the blob at beautiful Camp Allen, Jenna was a nine days from walking down the aisle to become Mrs. Alan Barbee. Kari and Jenna talk proposal, weddings, all that unsolicited bride advice one gets, as well as hopes for the couple’s future. Serving as a 2nd grade teacher in one of San Antonio’s most economically challenged areas, God is using Jenna to profoundly impact the lives of her students. We’ve made plans to interview her again in the summer of 2019 - and see what kind of difference a year of marriage makes. Congratulations to Alan & Jenna Barbee - a blessing on your heads, hearts and homes from all of us on the #YouBrewYouCrew


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