Getting Creative with Genie Thompson Mack

Genie Thompson Mack is one of those people you LOVE to tell folks that you know. Her beautiful heart shines out through her eyes, leaks out in her laughter and sparkles in everythign she puts her hand to. The fact that Kari's daughters both grew in their love of art, color and self expression under her teaching - that's just icing on the cake. Genie's creativity bubbles up in this chat between two friends - she shares about her inspiration as a pet portrait artist (her art has graced the walls of animal clinics, Texas Children's hospital AND a line of PIER ONE dishes!), her incredible candle company Genieology (she and her namesake aunt team up to create), and then there is her line of earrings - simply stunning! She's got her eyes on the skies - constantly looking for inspiration from God's creation. You are going to need a cold brew over crunchy ice for this one (too bad we can't all get one of Genie's momma's iced coffees!)

Genie's website:

Instagram: @paintingsbygenie AND @genie_mack

Facebook: genie thompson mack

Drink: Genie's mom's iced coffee (crunchy ice, cold brew) #lookingforaninviteoverhere

Product: Roomba AND her RAM truck

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Listening to/Reading: You Brew You (the podcast #winkwink); Up And Vanished ( podcast); Homecoming (podcast); Slow Burn ( podcast); STown (podcast); Criminal (podcast)

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