A Little Piecrust, a lot of Grace and 3 Topo Chicos w/Tara Royer Steele

Tara Royer Steele invited Kari into her home for today's interview. Sitting at her farmstyle table in old wooden tent revival folding chairs, these two sister-friends sit and dish about Tara's early days at Royer's Pie Cafe, her passion for connecting folks with their truest calling (beloved children of GOD) and her newest venture, a 52 piece devotional/recipe collection #EatPieLove (don't you worry... we'll keep you in the know when the ding dang book comes out!)

You will want your very own Topo Chico by the end of their time together - and you will want a slice of "Junk Berry Pie" to go with it. Because as our friend Tara says, "There's so much grace in pie!"

Instagram: @graceupongracegirl @royerspiehaven

Facebook: Tara Royer Steele (she decided!)

Drink: Iced Tea (not a sweet tea girl - but likes TWO Sweet-n-Low)

Product: Young Living oils, make-up and haircare products (especially Inner Defense)

Listening to/Reading: Using her actual bible (rather than her phone) Remember God (by Annie F. Downs - and for the record, I asked Annie F. Downs to be on You Brew You, Tara. I think her people will eventually get back to @auntspazie - maybe it's time to change it to KariAnn Lessner #bless)


my.bravegirlsclub.com (Camp Haven & Brave Girls Club & Soul Restoration)

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