Back to life... again w/Kari's momma Joyce Loy

Joyce Loy, is a retired dental assistant, former stay at home at home mom, and mother of Kari (yours truly). Joyce is realizing her retirement dreams of raising four "precocious" chickens, home grown garlic and soaking up life's simple joys with her husband, Ran.

Pull up a chair for this incredible visit between mother and daughter that leads them back down a hard road - but one where both of them learned so much each other, the rollercoaster of healing and God's great love for all of us.

Instagram: @loy9691

Facebook: Joyce Youmans Loy

Drink: A glass of red wine - 6 oz is good for her heart! But a fresh brewed cup of Twinings English Breakfast tea.

Product: A new rose gold and diamond wedding band.

Listening to/Reading: Pandora's Simon & Garfunkel AND she can get SO MUCH DONE if she puts on this awesome podcast that she loves called You Brew You (*wink*)

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