Let's open hearts, minds and a library w/Jana King

If you ever find youself in a line where Jana King is serving something, take my advice and accept a heapin' helping of whatever she offers. Chances are it will come with a warm smile, a hearty hug and words of encouragement sprinkled lavishly over you.

Jana's childhood love of books, spilled over into her parenting and work as a school administrator. As she prepared for retirement, her friendship with Alan & Trish Graham emboldened her to ask for books to be a part of what residents had access to at Community First! Village, and to her delight that idea blossomed in the form of a library. Thousands of book donations filled the shelves lining this tiny library - each one a seed to Jana's hope of opening the hearts and minds of the residents at the Village.

Settle in sisters - because Jana is a hoot & a hollar; You are not going to want to miss Jana telling us the story of "Ruby" the Kansas House!

*For the record - it was Mr. Gary who was Kari's crew chief not Mr. Larry (#ComeOnKariGetItTogether)

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Drink: Coffee w/heavy cream AND wine (crisp, not sweet, white wines or a wonderfully smooth red wine)

Product: gel mats in front of the sink, stove and baking area

Listening to/Reading: "Delicious" by Ruth Reichl and Kari mentioned "Long Way Gone" by Charles Martin

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