The Happy Honey Bee w/Gayla Brown

Gayla Brown has the biggest, sweetest heart, so when this old friend of Kari's shared that she is a bee keeper - it felt like the most natural thing in the world. Her creativity, joy, and kindness are contagious - and like the bees she keeps, this precious heart stays busy keeping her hives, face painting (as a side gig) and making bee's wax products. We had such fun drawing parallels between bees and our spiritual lives. Make a cup of tea, add some local honey, pull up a chair, and let's visit with sweet Gayla Brown.

*Kari didn't get the address of either of her girl's psalms correct - so here they are: "Awesome" Keatyn's Psalm 66:5 "Awesome are your handyworks, O God." "Honey" Karsyn's Psalm 119:103 "How swee are your promises to my taste, sweeter than honey in my mouth."


Drink: Lemonbalm Tea w/ or w/out honey (both are nice!)

Product: The Happy Honey Bee Cream (look for her website COMING SOON!)

Listening to/Reading: The Jesus Calling

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