A Little Something Extra w/Megan Champion Greiner

A champion is someone who fights for a cause and today's guest was born a Champion. Literally. Megan Champion Greiner is the wife to one amazing tax accountant, turned woodworker, mother to three amazing humans and a small business owner with Plexus. When her prayers to become a mom were answered, it was as if God said, "I'm going to give you what you asked for... with a little something extra!" We can't wait for you to fall in love with Megan and her crew. God has plans for her life and there's nothing Down About it!

Facebook: Megan Champion Greiner

Instagram: @DiaryofARealLifeMom

Drink: Plexus Slim "Pink Drink" or Bai water (pineapple coconut)

Product: Plexus or Dark Chocolate Almonds (*KAL suggested Ghiradelli dark chocolate cashews)

Listening to/Reading: Bible App devotional: the Lifegiving Leader (*KAL brought up Sara Groves' song Tornado) and then The Holy Hustle

Hashtagable Quotes: #HopeYouLikeKidsAndAnimalsBecauseItsAZooInHere #WorldDownSyndromeDay #ALittleSomethingExtra #Plexus #PlexusPinkDrink #SummerInAGlass #ALittleSomethingExtra #NothingDownAboutIt