Read to Me! w/Chris Helene Bridge

Long before her two little boys followed her around the house begging her, "Read to me!" Chris Helene Bridge was a storyteller. She wrote of the things her life taught her - both to help her understand them better and to help others. Her little boys have grown into men, and Chris still loves reading, creating, and sharing joy with little learners. So, get your kettle going, and serve yourself up a big cup of your favorite tea. Then settle in and listen to the beautiful heart of this amazing artist, author, and literacy advocate. You may just find yourself longing to read a book to a child - and today's guest has an spetacular selection to choose from!

Books by Chris Helene Bridge: *The Same Heart, Appletime, Red Envelopes, Read to Me!, Spring is Coming!, Consider the Lilies, Andrew's Story, Ganny Says* (Fall of 2019)

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Drink: Tea - many ways depending on the tea she's drinking

Product: Electric tea pot

Listening to/Reading: *The Vein of Gold* by Julia Cameron, *Leonardo da Vinci* by Walter Isaacson

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