Daring interview w/Ashley Brown Ruiz

Kim joins in this week to welcome one of our favorites, Ashley Brown Ruiz, to the table. She started her work as a teacher in an inner-city Houston elementary school for 12 years. There, she learned that there was a lack of language or ability to communicate with one another, which led her to want to go back to school to become a social worker. As the director of The Daring Way, a certification and training program based on Brene Brown’s work that takes other helping professionals through shame resilience work that they can then implement into their work. Cozy up with your favorite beverage for this enthusiastic episode full of laugher, truth, friendship and asking Kari to circle back to say something nice about her (awesomely curly) hair.

Mentions: Santa Maria Hostel, Archway Academy, Camp Allen, The Daring Way, Brene Brown,

Drink: Diet Coke

Project: L’Ange Hair Product

Listening to/Reading: Blue October

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