A daughter remembers w/Laurel Copeland Brown

When Kari met her she had a little pixie hair cut, a face full of angel kisses, and an infectious laugh. Laurel Copeland Brown is the daughter of Kari's sweet friend Sherry Brown, who lost her battle with cancer on May 21, 2008. Sherry was one of Kari's "mommy mentors" - offering the "calm voice of reason" when as a new momma, Kari was losing her grip. Sherry left behind three little girls who are each so unique and beautiful. In Laurel, Kari has watched this pixie grow into a woman with moxie, who now quite often herself, offers words of encouragement and calm. Sherry left Kari a little piece of herself in Laurel, and she has become a "God-daughter by default" and a treasure to all who know her. In today's chat, Laurel and Kari take a stroll down memory lane and a long look at love, loss and the ties that bind us together. So scootch up a chair, pop the top on a Topo Chico and let this visit wash over you like the warm winds of early summer. And while you've got a cold one in your hand, raise a cheer for a life well lived and for daughters who remember. #ILYMTYLM

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