#SowKind with Alyssa DeLosSantos Episode #35

Alyssa DeLosSantos is the single most hashtagable guest we have had on You Brew You. Her #SowKind movement, birthed in the spring of 2018, is a tale of how her family launched an epic adventure with one letter, slipped under the windshield wipers in a supermarket parking lot. "We all have words and they are free..." Alyssa says, and with "five minutes and the cost of a stamp," she challenges you to move from apathy to encourager. As one of Alyssa's friends reminded her, "#Sowkind isn't new it's NOW!" We are super excited to see how the You Brew You community lives into #Sowkind 

Alyssa's website: www.sowkindmovement.com

Instagram: @alyssadls

Facebook: Alysssa De Los Santos

Drink: Awake English Breakfast *with room for milk

Product: Hello Fresh (no we don't get a cut for mentioning it - but we are open to it @hellofresh - #justsayin')

Listening to/Reading: Accidental Creative with Todd Henry

Hashtagable Quotes: #weallhavewordsandtheyarefree (*this one comes from Alyssa's daughter) #alowtideneverfollowsalowtide #peoplearentdistractions #peoplearentinterruptions #fiveminutesandthecostofastamp