Episode 11: A Daughter's Mission After Losing her Mother to Dementia

Lauren Flake wrote a book to help your children process losing a family member to dementia, and helping them remember who their family member was. Mom to two young girls, a wife, and puppy-mom of two, Lauren is a blogger, author, and a project called Daughters of Dementia which supports caregivers. Her mother was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s in 2006 about the time when Lauren graduated from college at Texas A&M. By the end of 2008 her mother was in a home with full time care and passed away a couple of years later. Where Did My Sweet Grandma Go? and Where Did My Sweet Grandpa Go? started as a poem Lauren wrote for her daughters, and is illustrated by her own watercolors and her late mother’s art. She works to keep the memory and story of her mother, Dixie, going. When she has free time, she loves art, gardening, books, and country-western dancing.

Website: www.laurenflake.com or www.loveofdixie.com and http://www.daughtersofdementia.org 
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Where Did My Sweet Grandma Go? 
Where Did My Sweet Grandpa Go?

100 Days to Brave by Annie F. Downs 
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The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton
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Episode 9: Molecular Biology To Forming Families

Kari checked in with Kristin Braun in Balcones Springs. Kristin has a background in molecular biology who is sharp and self aware, with a passion for ‘doing self work’ together with those you love. She developed Forming Families over a summer in the early morning hours. The class meets three weeknights a month from September to May. Topics for adults include default parenting, dealing with in-laws, and slow holidays and children learn to self-advocate, mediate, and boundaries; just to name a few. During the final month, participants write a family mission statement. This program serves families with young children and focus on building a strong community around faith & centeredness in our daily lives.

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Episode 7: Vineyard Living: Homeward Bound with Julieanne Mani

Kari knows Julieanne Mani from a few years back in Houston, where Kari considered her to be an important mom-mentor for her. In 2012, Julieanne and her family moved back home to Tasmania and bought the Iron Pot Bay Vineyard. Set by the banks of the Tamar River, they now offer a fine dining experience in a renovated century old cottage. Their locally sourced dishes are matched up with Iron Pot Bay Vineyard wines. Learn about the beauty of growing grapes, pruning, grafting and more; both in wine making and in our own lives.

Iron Pot Bay Vineyard