Episode 28: Sacred Ground and Sticky Floors with Jami Amerine

Jami Amerine is the author of the popular book and blog Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors, where she posts about Jesus, parenting, marriage, and the general chaos of life. She holds a master’s degree in Education, Counseling, and Human Development. Jami and her husband, Justin, have six kids and are active in foster care.

Kari and Jami visit in the car (because coffee shops are loud, yo!) about how she unintentionally became a Christian writer/blogger. Her writing went viral with An Open Letter To My Children, You’re Not That Great and then shot forward with the release of her book Stolen Jesus.

Connect with Jamie on Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sacredgrounds.stickyfloors/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jamiamerine/
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/sacredsticky/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jamiamerine

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Episode 27: Makeshift Farms & Editing with Rachel Jones

Rachel Jones is Kari and Kim’s nutty-sweet friend Rachel is the Associate Editor for Forward Movement, a publishing ministry in the Episcopal Church, the parent company of Forward Day By Day. She works in Cincinnati and lives in rural northern Kentucky on a 90 acre farm (Makeshift Farms) that she and her husband, D.W., found on Craigslist. They have a dog, some cats, chickens, rabbits and a prolific jalapeno garden. Some of the harsh realities of farming lend themselves to food for thought as well as food for the belly. The way Rachel shares the duality of farming and editing has had Kari journaling since their chat.

Some things referenced in this episode:
Holderness “Our Biggest Fight: The Battle of the Bra” 
Irish Acres Gallery
The Glitz

Follow Rachel:
Facebook: Rachel Jones

Amazon Prime is her fav!
Kari is featured in one of Rachel’s projects this year:
O Wisdom, Advent Devotions on the Names of Jesus

Episode 26: Finding Rest on the Buen Camino

It’s an amazing thing to find something you really want to put on your bucket list. It’s even MORE amazing to find yourself planning, preparing and walking that dream into fruition. Our precious friend Kate Whaley shares her experience on one of Kari’s bucket list items - walking the Santiago de Compostela - in English the Way of St. James; an ancient pilgrimage that ends at the alleged burial site of the Biblical apostle St. James in the Spanish province of Coruna. With the sounds of Ron and the girls in the background, Kate and Kari spent some time poolside this summer, reliving Kate adventures on the “Camino”. “Stand at the crossroads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way lies, and walk in it, and find rest for your souls.” Jeremiah 6:16 You are going to want to brew a cuppa, and settle in for this beautiful episode chalked full of faith, determination and beauty. Kari hasn’t booked her flight yet. Until then, “Buen Camino” to you, friend.

Savoy Coconut Milk
Mary Kay lip Gloss 
Beneath a Scarlet Sky: A Novel

Episode 25: We found a lost episode!

We found a lost episode! Somewhere in the hub-bub of finishing up summer camp and heading out on vacation, it totally slipped Kari’s mind that she had this interview “in the can” (as we say in the biz.) A HUGE thank you to Sweet Linda Porter (mother of today’s You Brew You guest) for asking when it was going to air! And so it is with great pride and deepest pleasure that we’d like to introduce you to our guest, Jenna Barbee. When we spoke in June, on a bench beside the blob at beautiful Camp Allen, Jenna was a nine days from walking down the aisle to become Mrs. Alan Barbee. Kari and Jenna talk proposal, weddings, all that unsolicited bride advice one gets, as well as hopes for the couple’s future. Serving as a 2nd grade teacher in one of San Antonio’s most economically challenged areas, God is using Jenna to profoundly impact the lives of her students. We’ve made plans to interview her again in the summer of 2019 - and see what kind of difference a year of marriage makes. Congratulations to Alan & Jenna Barbee - a blessing on your heads, hearts and homes from all of us on the #YouBrewYouCrew


Jodi Picolt Small Great Things https://amzn.to/2QJBJxU

Bora Bora #howdoesBoraBorasound #sexysexy

Episode 24: No Coconuts Were Cracked in the Making of this Podcast with Jillian Morales

No coconuts were cracked in the making of this podcast today - you’ll have to listen to understand those shenanigans. But there was a copious amount of laughter (and a few snorts) from both Kari our guest Jillian Morales, the Queen of Positive Self-Talk. This includes (but is certainly not limited to) Fish Whispering, Master Juggler of all the Things, Professional Freelance Makeup Artist Encourager, Dietary Nutritionist and Motivational Mommy Mentor. Kari had a blast spending time with Jillian outside a coffee shop/juice bar, in her car in the middle of a thunderstorm. Jillian talks candidly about her daily choice to make time for the things that are important to her — family, friends, beauty and health.

Follow Jilliam on Instagram:
@jillian_mor (for beauty & lifestyle) and @fitsperation_withjillian (for healthy eating tips)

Quotes by Jillian Morales:
Her personal mantra: I am awesome, the universe is awesome and we are one.
When you take on too much you end up losing yourself.
We are all beautifully different.

Products discussed:
Urban Decay 
Maybelline Clear Mascara 
2 Faced Melted Matt Liquid Lipstick 
Sheet Masks 
Terri Savelle Foy (podcast) 
You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

Episode 23: You Have Our Votes for "Public Servants of the Year" with Gabe and Kim Duran

Gabe and Kim Duran (our first couple - and the first guy on You Brew You!) are two of the world’s most fabulous people, and our pick for “Public Servants of the Year!” Kim is the assistant EMS Manager at Texas A&M EMS while Gabe works as a police officer, the city of Bryan. They share a calling as first responders, though in totally different capacities, and give us a glimpse into the life of those who serve and protect. They make ONE INCREDIBLE announcement - this is one episode of You Brew You, you don’t want to miss. Thank you, Kim & Gabe for all you and your co-workers do. We honor you today!

Mr. Yuk (a.k.a. Poison Control) 1.800.222.1222
Travel Coffee Grinder: https://amzn.to/2PycZHi 
AeroPress Coffee Maker: https://amzn.to/2Q4N1fR 
Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs : https://amzn.to/2Q4RM8S 
Rosalums: A Camp Allen Alumni Community on facebook

Episode 22: Harvey Moms Spreading Kindness One Idea at a Time with Stephanie Mooring

Coming up on a year since Hurricane Harvey, Kim and Kari traveled out to Clear Lake, Texas to meet with Stephanie Mooring. She and her husband have two kiddos, a six year old girl and a two year old boy, and we caught her the day after they returned from a family road trip. Stephanie and group of her stay-at-home-mom friends were immediately moved to help those affected by the Hurricane Harvey and haven’t stepped spreading kindness since. Each using their unique gifts, these women continue to respond to the direct needs of those in their community, from providing Halloween costumes to thirty kids to partnering with Learning Resources to give 500 toys during the holiday season to filling the role of contractor for a family’s home repair project in Pearland - just to name a few. Be inspired by these women of heart and action. They are helping their community with their kids in tow.

Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut Blend  
Italian Sweet Cream Creamer  
Hattie Now Designs Jewelry 
Justin Timberlake Music  
Of Mess and Moxie: Wrangling Delight Out of This Wild and Glorious Life by Jen Hatmaker  
Eat Pray Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia by Elizabeth Gilbert  
Fancy Nancy by Jane O’Connor  
Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon by Patty Lovell and David Catrow 

Episode 21: Finding Joy In Plan Bee! with Rachel Najera

Hands down Rachel is our guest with the most infectious laugh - to date! Her joy radiates through the conversation with Kari as she shares how life took a different turn than the one she originally set out on.

Former physical therapist, Rachel Najera’s found herself choosing a different set of intentions after the birth of her son, Little Ric. With her DIY sensibility and a homemade lotion bar, what started as a family bonding time, slowly grew to a family business that became her very own Rachel’s Plan Bee.

In August of 2018 this natural skincare company celebrated it’s 6th birthday - with cupcakes and so much JOY!

Rachel reminds us that even though things may not go as planned, you can create something beautiful with a Plan Bee!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/RachelsPlanBee/

Rachel’s Peach Margarita recipe. 2 ripe peaches 1/2 oz lime juice 2 oz tequila 1/2 oz orange liqueur 1/2 oz elderflower liqueur 1/2 oz simple syrup (or to taste) 1 oz sparkling water crushed ice (2) rocks glasses

Natural Deoderant - Smarty Pits https://www.grove.co/catalog/product/prebiotic-deodorant/?v=2490&attrsrc=18&attrpg=catalog

Our personal favorite Beach Body https://www.rachelsplanbee.com/collections/body/products/shimmering-body-oil

Rachel Hollis “Girl Wash Your Face” https://amzn.to/2PqHGPx

Episode 20: I'm Glad You Asked; The Game to Get Us Talking with Tracie Jae

Kari sits down with Tracie Jae, lover of Converse All Stars, a woman who speaks her mind whenever possible, and wants people to ask good questions of themselves and of the world. She’s a mom of three with her youngest at home, about to graduate from college. Tracie Jae has created a game called aim Glad You Asked. It encourages people to get to know each other in a deep, meaning, and fun way! She woke up from a deep sleep and had all the instructions on her heart and in her head. The response to the game has been amazing, noting that it have given them an opportunity to get to know the people around them in a real way, not just know about them. I’m Glad You Asked is non-competitive, and the only aim is to put down your phone and have great conversation. Questions like these invite conversations like no other! Examples of prompts include: I’m impressed by... Have you visited the Hamptons? Can you quote Jay Z? What’s your favorite website? Can you quote Indiana Jones? Light seasoning or heavy seasoning?

Tracie Jae has events coming up, as well as expansion packs and a redesign, so be on the lookout!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/traciejae/ 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=519794367 
Website: http://traciejae.com 
Glad You Asked Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gladyouaskedgame/ 
Glad You Asked Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/sogladyouasked 
Glad You Asked Website: https://www.gladyouaskedgame.com 
Sweet Tea: https://amzn.to/2AUuFKT
Converse All Star Canvas Shoes:https://amzn.to/2M2l6i0 
The Art of Now by Eckhart Tolle: https://amzn.to/2nlNehh

Episode 19: There Are A Million Ways To Build A Family with Christy Trabun

Kari multitasks while she speaks with Super-Mom-of-Four-Kids-Under-Eight, Christy Trabun. She and her husband Mike, Associate Pastor for Outreach at Trinity Fellowship Church in Richardson, Texas, also have a rescue dog named Ginger. Nine years ago, Kari saw Christy post something on Facebook called Embryo Adoption, something she had never heard of before. Christy and Mike had been open to growing their through adoption, and after having years of no success conceiving, they decided to attend an information session. Because of her belief that life begins at conception, they were very interested in the opportunity of adoption through this process. Their oldest and youngest, a set of twins, were conceived through embryo adoption from the same family, and their middle son was traditionally conceived. As a stay at home mom who is homeschooling the older two, Christy feels thankful for the time she has with all of her children and the way they teach and form her. She walks listeners through some important topics to discuss if they’re considering this while lifting the veil from a unique opportunity.

The Glorious and the Mundane Podcast
Genius Foods by Max Lugavere and Paul Grewal, MD
YoungLiving Essential Oils
YoungLiving Essential Oils Christmas Spirit
YoungLiving Essential Oils Tranquil Roll On 
The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp
One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp
Imperfect Courage by Jessica Honegger
The Return of the Prodigal Son by Henri Nouwen
Life Without Lack by Dallas Willard
Hearing God by Dallas Willard

Episode 18: Healing and Empowering through Community at the Magdalene House, Austin with The Rev. Beth Magill

Friends, move over and make room for the wonderful Beth Magill! She is an Episcopal priest and currently serves as the Rector of St. Michael’s in Arlington, Virginia. Kari and Beth discuss Magdalene House, which is a two year residential program focused on wholistic healing for women who have experienced trafficking or prostitution. She started a location in Austin, Texas, and modeled it after the original location in Nashville, Tennessee. Women choose to participate in this self-directed program. Each location works to create a social enterprise that moves the Magdalene House to be self sufficient. Beth encourages listeners to be curious conversation partners about the needs of your own community.

Thistle Farms  
Lipsyl Lipbalm 
Organic Manuka Honey Drops 
Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History Podcast 
Small Great Things: A Novel by Jodi Picoult 

Episode 17: Helping Blending Families One Blog Post at a Time with Danyale Word Antley

A long-time friend of Kari who met sitting in the waiting room during their daughters’ dance lessons, Danyale is a super-mom of a blending family and owner of BlendStrong. Her husband, Donald, was in Kari’s youth group back in the day! Together they raise four daughters as a blending family: their oldest lives with them on a personalized standard visitation, their next two live with them full-time, and their baby lives everyday with them and their fur baby. A former teacher, Danyale feels her work with BlendStrong is exactly where she is supposed to be. The blog isn’t just for blending families, it is a grace-filled space for everyone! She talks friendship, parenting, family, and self-work. Danyale is currently working on a novel, the BlendStrong blog, and a children’s series.


Folgers Classic Roast  
International Delight Vanilla Cream  
International Delight Sweet Cream  
Gardenia Body Spray  
Oil Diffuser  
Cuisinart DCC-3000 Coffee on Demand 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Five Second Rule by Mel Robbins
Tom Bilyeu’s Impact Theory 
The Happy Stepmother: Stay Sane, Empower Yourself, Thrive in Your New Family by Rachelle Katz
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling
Stepmonster: A Real Look at Why Real Stepmothers Think, Feel, and Act the Way We Do by Wednesday Martin, Ph.D. 
How to Solve Your People Problems: Dealing with Your Difficult Relationships by Alan Godwin
Switch on Your Brain: The Key to Peak Happiness, Thinking and Health by Dr. Caroline Leaf
10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works--A True Story by Dan Harris
The Elimination Diet: Discover the Foods That Are Making You Sick and Tired-and Feel Better Fast by Tom Malterre
The Elimination Diet Workbook: A Personal Approach to Determining Your Food Allergies by Maggie Moon MS RDN 

Episode 16: Working Toward an Awesomesauce Day with Athea Davis Ruben

Kari sat down in the home of Athea Davis Ruben over a Egyptian Licorice Tea. Athea became a health and wellness educator for kiddos and writer, after spending a decade in the corporate legal world. Her first book, Today's Gonna Be Awesomesauce: Daily Meditations for Youth, Parents, and Families, was released in September 2017. She also meets with Soul Sense Yoga where she meets with private clients, especially families and children. She also works with schools in the Houston Independent School District. On top of all of that, she’s a mom of two boys. Upcoming projects are a children’s book called The Vegan Chicken and a card deck for special needs children.

High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way by Brendon Burchard Today's Gonna Be Awesomesauce: Daily Meditations for Youth, Parents, and Families by Athea Davis
Thinking Fast Thinking Slow by Daniel Kahnman
Pre-suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade by Robert Cialdin
Principals: Life and Work by Ray Dalio
Unselfie: Why Empathic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World by Michele Borba, Ed. D. 
Kwik Brain Podcast
On Being Podcast
Uplift Podcast
Tiger Puerh Tea 
Herbal Tea 
Green Tea 

Episode 15: Don't Second Guess - Get Moving! with Jennifer Herrington

Kari got to meet Jennifer in real life for the first time for our episode this week, even though they have known each other for a while! Parson is Jennifer’s second child, younger sister to Darby. When she was born, she needed to be put on oxygen because her levels were low, and ended up getting put into the NICU. Within a couple of months, she was showing signs of health difficulties, especially with breathing. Time at Texas Children’s Hospital revealed that Parson has periventricular nodular heterotopia. That is when her lung transplant story began, and Jennifer feels responsible for telling her story until she’s able. At the time of this episode, Parson was just about to celebrate her 6th birthday. Before knowing each other personally, a friend of a friend, Kari, sent a prayer for Parson during her transplant surgery. It now hangs on the wall of Parson’s room. They discuss how to register to be an organ donor - one person can save up to eight lives. Darby is an amazing big sister, and knows even at a young age, how to love her sister well.

The Age of Worry by John Mayer  
Fix My Eyes by King and Country 
Reckless Love by Cory Asbury 
Register to be an Organ Donor  
Jennifer on Facebook  
Topo Chico  
Simply Lemonade 
Palomino Pencils  
Paper Mate Flair Pen  
Jen Johnson Music  
Goliath Must Fall by Louie Giglio 

Episode 14: Sharing Stories of Sacrifice

This week, Kari speaks with two of her cousins, Katie and Kenzie. Josh Youman, Katie’s husband and Kenzie’s father, lost his life due to injuries he sustained serving our country in Iraq. Josh was a caring and compassionate man, especially for his family. He loved video games, coffee, and outdoor sports. He entered the military in 2003, deploying in 2005. While he was deployed, their daughter was born. They were able to meet President George W. Bush and work to commemorate his life, especially on his birthday each year. Katie has remarried, and they are loving being a blended family.

Personal Facebook
Mexican Coke
Cherry Pepsi
Bloody Mary Mix
Young Living Cool Azul
Who Is Alexander Hamilton 
Hamilton Soundtrack  
Greatest Showman Soundtrack 
Lilac Girls: A Novel by Martha Hall Kelly  
Building 429  
King and Country  
Toby Mac 

Episode 13: Truth, Sisterhood, and Pink Wine with The Rev. Sarah Condon

Our guest this week is Sarah Condon, Episcopal priest and author of Churchy: The Real Life Adventures of a Wife, Mom, and Priest. She lives and dies by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She loves pink wine, and supporting her sisters in leadership. She’s loud, and has great taste in music. Kim and Kari talk to her about all of this and more in this week’s episode.

Sarah is a frequent contributor to Mockingbird, a ministry that seeks to connect the Christian faith with realities of everyday life in fresh and down-to-earth ways.

Pull up a chair for an episode full of laughter, encouragement, and joy!

Sarah Condon Author Page 
Sarah’s Writing for Mockingbird  
Sutter Home Pink Moscato: Local Stores
Unmapped: The (Mostly) True Story of How Two Women Lost At Sea Found Their Way Home by Charlotte Getz and Stephanie Phillips
 Benefit Lip Tint Trio

**Purchased made using these links support this podcast at no cost to you. Thanks!!

Episode 12: Woman, Mom & Leader in Tech with Mandy Hubbard

Mandy is from a small town in Mississippi, moved to Austin on her own as a teenager, and put herself through college. She is a woman in tech, an engineer, speaker, a mom of girls, a wife, friend, and community leader. Kari and Mandy discuss what it is like to be a woman in tech, the importance of empathy and leadership in your work, raising families, and working on yourself and your family.

Brene Brown
Mandy’s Twitter
Bulletproof Coffee
Coconut Oil
Grass fed Butter
Laneige Sleeping Mask for Lips
Whole 30 Book
The Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile
Typology Podcast
A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle
Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Episode 11: A Daughter's Mission After Losing her Mother to Dementia

Lauren Flake wrote a book to help your children process losing a family member to dementia, and helping them remember who their family member was. Mom to two young girls, a wife, and puppy-mom of two, Lauren is a blogger, author, and a project called Daughters of Dementia which supports caregivers. Her mother was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s in 2006 about the time when Lauren graduated from college at Texas A&M. By the end of 2008 her mother was in a home with full time care and passed away a couple of years later. Where Did My Sweet Grandma Go? and Where Did My Sweet Grandpa Go? started as a poem Lauren wrote for her daughters, and is illustrated by her own watercolors and her late mother’s art. She works to keep the memory and story of her mother, Dixie, going. When she has free time, she loves art, gardening, books, and country-western dancing.

Website: www.laurenflake.com or www.loveofdixie.com and http://www.daughtersofdementia.org 
Lauren's Instagram
Lauren's Facebook
Daughters of Dementia Instagram 
Daughters of Dementia Facebook
Where Did My Sweet Grandma Go? 
Where Did My Sweet Grandpa Go?

100 Days to Brave by Annie F. Downs 
Maren Morris Music
John Mayer Music
The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton
The Distant Hours by Kate Morton
The Lake House by Kate Morton
Rachel’s Plan Bee

Episode 10: Camp Pro Tips with Kim and Kari

Kim and Kari sit down to talk all things Summer Camp. Your YBY hosts love camp and are giving out some tips as you prep for sleep-away camp, especially for younger kiddos. Everything from packing to the importance of rest time to how to talk to your kids about their experience after camp. Kari shares her recipe for perfect sun tea and how to make bandana necklaces. Settle in for some some tips from the pros!

Harney & Sons Paris Tea 
Glow Sticks 
Healthy Snacks 
Dark Chocolate 
No Man’s Land Beef Jerky (Hot) 
Slap Bracelets 
Temporary Tattoos 
Hair Ties 
Battery Operated Fans (not mentioned in episode, but a good idea for comfort)

Be sure to check with your particular camp about how to get email, letters, and care packages to your child.

Contact Kim and Kari to find out how to send them a care package during the week of June 10-16! Email youbrewyou@gmail.com.

Episode 9: Molecular Biology To Forming Families

Kari checked in with Kristin Braun in Balcones Springs. Kristin has a background in molecular biology who is sharp and self aware, with a passion for ‘doing self work’ together with those you love. She developed Forming Families over a summer in the early morning hours. The class meets three weeknights a month from September to May. Topics for adults include default parenting, dealing with in-laws, and slow holidays and children learn to self-advocate, mediate, and boundaries; just to name a few. During the final month, participants write a family mission statement. This program serves families with young children and focus on building a strong community around faith & centeredness in our daily lives.

Episcopal Diocese of Texas
Forming Families Blog
Forming Families Facebook Group
English Breakfast Tea
Irish Breakfast Tea
Earl Grey Tea
Round Rock Honey
Good Flow Honey
10 oz. Yeti Highball
Avocado Saver and Holder